It's pronounced sue-chay-tha.

I'm a copywriter working in Toronto.

I devour books, movies, pop culture and éclairs.
I have conversations entirely in GIFs.
I don't drink coffee but I visit coffee shops to collect the stylish cups.
I hate winter and every city I love has harsh winters.

Everyday I'm hustlin'

BBDO Toronto
Rogers, Bayer (Aleve, Aerius, Claritin, Dr Scholl's), shomi, chatr, Mercedes-Benz, Cesar, Pedigree, Frito-Lay

Proximity Canada
Jan - Oct 2015
Rogers, BlackBerry, Bayer (Aleve), shomi, chatr, Tostitos, Barilla

May - Jun 2014
Biore, John Frieda, Nos, Penguin Books, Bombay Sapphire

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